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Prices of hotels in Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Look at the average price of hotels in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. The Rio de Janeiro is the main tourist route from Latin America.

The Rio de Janeiro is the main tourist route to Latin America is no accident, the city is surrounded on all corners by architectural and natural beauty, and has a mirror from Brazil to abroad. Christ Redeemer, Sugar Loaf Mountain and its cable cars, the Maracanã Stadium and the beaches of Copacabana, Ipanema and Barra da Tijuca are just some examples of the uniqueness of the city Wonderful.

Now the metropolis February auction of more travelers, all motivated by the frisson of Carnival Carioca, which echoes in the outside world, earning the title of biggest party on the planet, surpassing the Chinese New Year, with about 2 million people each day of revelry.

Given the concentration of people in this stage of the year are recorded in the largest hotel chain in lodgings record, and now it will be different, according to surveys, about 88% of the places are already booked, not only in the city more throughout the state.

If you want to visit Rio now in high season, run and ensure your stay soon, the race for rooms is increasingly narrowing the field of choices, but finding it is possible to find even interesting hotels, well located, including promotion, to prove seeing some of the following options:

Residential Appart: Overlooking the beach of Copacabana and Ipanema, despite not offering much refinement, is a great option for cost and benefit, combining simplicity and good quality service. In the current promotion find available daily from R $ 215.00.

Magic Palace Hotel: Located in the Glory gives easy access to the main points of the city, so if you want to leave the hotel because the four stars offers a high level of comfort, also with special prices, everyday for just  R$ 219.00.

Roiss Rio Hotel: Offers complete infraestrura for its installation, and its proximity to Copacabana beach makes its strategic position. All this by starting at  R$ 240.00.

Hotel Villa Rica: succeeded in downtown Rio hotel is the ideal lodging for business or pleasure, since it is close to Lapa entretenimendo new center of the city. The advantage is also on price, bedrooms for only R$ 160.00.

Summary: If you want to enjoy the beauties of the wonderful city needs before guarantees your accommodation in a good hotel, and to help you did a survey highlighting some good options in dormitories.

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